Are you killing off your good bacteria with antibiotics?

Are you killing off your good bacteria with antibiotics?

Antibiotics means “to destroy life” and probiotics means “life giving”. There is a war going on in your intestinal tract between good and bad bacteria. The ratio should be 85% good to 15% bad. When to much of our good bacteria is killed off yeast becomes the bad guy. This yeast can bore holes in our intestinal wall and travel throughout the bloodstream. At this point we develop many symptoms. See why alkalizing helps.

Probiotics re-populates the good bacteria so it can fight the bad bacteria and infection. Killing off alot of your good bacteria puts your body at risk for superinfection by fungi and other microorganisms.chocolate slim

I had candida caused by mercury fillings in my mouth. To many antibiotics can also cause candida. I started getting better after having my mercury fillings removed and I did a three-step program to restore my digestive system. The three-step program is to alkalize first,next you cleanse and you build. I used silver-max to kill the parasites and it works as a natural antibiotic. I alkalized with coral calcium mineral water. This worked great for me. I tried to alkalize with food and other supplements with very little results. When it is time to build you must use probiotics. For more info on health supplements click on the name below. Health Supplements should we use them?atlant gel ผลข้างเคียง

Try to limit the amount you take and when you do need to take them after you finish take probiotics to replace the good bacteria lost. It is a simple three step plan. Remember to alkalize first so your body can use the health supplements properly. For more info on PH balance and how to check yours click on the PH below. Thank you for visiting my sites. Please bookmart my site so you can check back.Read from the link below.knee active plus magnetic

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