Getting Healthy Boomer - Page 6 of 6 -

Getting Healthy Boomer - Page 6 of 6 -

Fitness is a big part of getting and staying healthy. It doesn’t have to be hard. Find something you like to do that makes you move.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, your health, and your family. Have what you need and use, not the shiny new appliance that collects dust.valgosocks

 Imagine and visualize your healthy happy uncomplicated and cluttered life.  To help you reach your goals, keep your “why” up front and personal.varikosette

More About My Weight Loss Plantitan premium

If you read my first two posts you know the top 5 reasons I want to lose weight and you know my first goal is to lose 20lbs even though I need to lose more. So, how do I plan to lose this weight? It’s not like I haven’t tried every diet in the book […]kankusta duo

I’m Going To Lose Weight, So What’s The Plan?ling fluent

To the left is a picture of what I looked like about eight years ago. I know I won’t look exactly like that after I lose the weight as I would have to lose 70 lbs and I’m eight years older, but I will look better than I do today. I want to start with […]titan gel

I’m Ready to Get Healthy, How About You?power up premium

Hi, my name is Reba and I’m making a commitment to get healthy. Well, I am healthy, I don’t have any chronic illnesses, but if you ask me if I have a healthy lifestyle, I’d have to say no. Why am I doing this at 54? Because I’m overweight and I feel certain that extra […]