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This week I have been kicking myself for giving in to all my weaknesses this past weekend. I ate with no limits when it came to sweets and my favorites. One thing I learned from previous week was to not buy my favorites in bulk. For example, I made the mistake of buying a box of Hostess Zingers instead of a single serving. It seemed like every night I had to have at least one of them. This of course did not help me in my efforts to stay on track. So I got rid of those and then I resolved not to do that again. However, its just felt like I had to have everything that involved sugar in sight. I really hated the out of control feeling. This week I made the resolve to get back into control and choose healthier options for my snacking. So I had to go back to things that I knew worked before. For example, I popped some 94% fat free popcorn and I actually didnt finish the bag. But it felt good to have a snack that could last for awhile and not throw me off track. The next items Im turning to is sugar free Jell-O, this has a great taste and help cures my sweet tooth. Im also working identifying REAL hunger. So Ive decided to chew gum when I feel the urge to munch on something. If I feel that Im truly hungry then I have to find something that is filling, satisfying and healthy! So no matter how long I try to stay on the right track, Im never immune to my weaknesses. I still have portion and self control issues, so Im still learning. This week I have turned it around with some great workouts and I love this feeling of being back in control. I know that I will feel better as well because being out of control creates a vicious cycle. This means I like the food I’m eating at the moment but then feel guilty for eating and then turn makes me feel like I should finish just finish it. Then after that I get on the scale and feel totally disgusted. One that is different this time is that I know exactly what I needed to do and didnt linger in the guilt stage. That stage is very dangerous. So to anyone else going through this- Dont give up- You are worth it, I know I am!black mask deep pell of

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