Cpap Machines: 5 Tips For Buying Smart And Safely

Cpap Machines: 5 Tips For Buying Smart And Safely

Treating your sleep apnea begins with selecting the best CPAP machine for you. Too often new apnea patients and even veterans aren’t given enough information to make the right choice. Worse, some patients ignore the good advice that was given to them by their doctors. This article walks you through simple steps that make it easy, safe and affordable to get your CPAP needs met.

The good news: if you select the best machine from the best supplier then you will sleep better, improve your health, live longer, benefit from customer service that can help with any questions or problems, and have warranty coverage from a top quality manufacturer.jinx repellent magic formula

The bad news: you could worsen your health and waste money by buying a CPAP machine that isn’t right for you. There are many health risks associated with apnea, these include diabetes, cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart disease. The other risk is to your wallet. Beware of suppliers that do not provide warranties.drivelan effetti collaterali

Too often patients become frustrated and will quit their CPAP therapy (this is mainly due to sub-standard equipment that is more difficult to use). The irony is that by saving money on a cheap machine your health suffers and sooner or later you have to shell out for a better machine.germitox

No one needs an inexpensive machine collecting dust. Luckily you don’t need to buy the most expensive machine in order to have excellent results with CPAP therapy. Just follow these 5 easy rules.waist trainer bewertungen

Approach the selection process like a beginner even if you are a veteran patient, CPAP is a complicated medical device that requires assistance from a respiratory therapist. Do not mistake this for some ordinary home appliance like a microwave that anyone can operate.

The investment you make in a CPAP machine will be one of the most important investments you make. You should be using it every night. It will help you live a longer and healthier life. And the better sleep you get will make it easier to succeed at work and enjoy life and your loved ones.

Here are the 5 rules for buying a CPAP machine:

1. Follow your doctor’s advice regarding the top quality brands of CPAP machine that suit your needs. Most doctor’s and respiratory therapists recommend one of the three leading manufacturers: ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, or Respironics. These companies invest millions of dollars each year in R&D to make the therapy safe, effective and comfortable for you. The cheaper brands do not compare in terms of effectiveness and safety.

2. Be cautious of websites that promote brands other than ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, or Respironics. Offering a cheaper brand means that they are only looking to make a profit on your illness because you will inevitably have to replace your machine sooner. It is unfortunate. Look for a website that provides customer support and honors the manufacturers warranties. These sites are in business to provide quality equipment that serves the patient, provides customer service to help troubleshoot problems, and honors warranties so that the patient isn’t wasting their time and money.

3. Do not buy from an unauthorized dealer because the manufacturer doesn’t have to honor the warranty. One way to avoid this mistake is by looking for the ResMed Preferred Internet Provider blue circle. Another good practice is to only buy from (1) authorized dealers and (2) dealers recommended by organizations like the National Apnea Association.

4. Avoid websites that sell used, refurbished or other grey market goods. Companies that are not authorized dealers cannot buy CPAP machines directly from the manufacturer. So they have to buy your CPAP from a middleman that might have sold them a counterfeit or refurbished CPAP machine. Neither the website or you will ever know if the machine is new or refurbished. And you will not have warranty coverage.

5. Consider the benefits of using an AutoPAP, it is more comfortable and saves time and money over the years. AutoPAPs adjust the air pressure with each breath you take. This pressure technology works night after night and year after year. You will never breathe against excess pressure from your machine. The best part is that you do not have to re-visit the lab the following year because your AutoPAP adjusts to your improvements.