Uncovering the Heart Worm (heartworm) Disease

Uncovering the Heart Worm (heartworm) Disease

Heartworm is a parasite that is very common among dogs, cats, wolves, coyotes, foxes and also some other animals. The heartworm parasite is transferred through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes ingest the larva and transfer the parasite by means of biting an infected animal and then afterwards biting another uninfected animal.

The parasite then burrows itself into the animal where it undergoes several stages until it finally reaches its adult form. After the heart worm finally reaches 12 inches in length it will travel to the right side of the heart where it awaits for an opportunity to reproduce. Adult heartworm takes six to seven months to reproduce.princess hair

There are factors that brought about the infestation of heart worm (heartworm) disease and these are as follows:el macho

1. the occurrence of susceptible host population
2. a continuous and steady supply of heart worm (heartworm) disease carrier
3. a good climate condition that makes it favorable for the continuous parasite’s life cycle
4. a stable population of vector speciesgermitox

How to Detect Heart Worm (Heartworm) Diseaseketone life dos

Heart worm (heartworm) disease is commonly detected by means of a blood test. Another test called the filtration test is performed to find microfilariae in the animal’s blood. The occult test is also conducted to locate adult heartworms in the heart.kankusta duo forum

In the case that tests shows negative findings of microfilariae in the blood still other tests are conducted just to make sure. Tests for heartworm disease are usually performed in early spring before daily temperatures reaches 57 degrees Fahrenheit.